Peter Dellert    ピーター・デラート

2018.5/15 ~ 5/27 "Three Truths" 三つの真実


Born in Connecticut, raised in Maine. Graduated from Clark University. Peter Dellert has been working vigorously as a furniture maker, sculptor and collage artist since 1983. He lives in Holyoke, Massachusetts, USA. This is his first exhibition in Japan.






Inspired by nature and biomorphic forms, my sculptures are made from such diverse materials as tin cans, tree branches, steel re-bar, stainless steel, concrete, and found recycled automotive parts.

I have made it a point to collect and save things cast off by the first world industrialized society and present them in unique ways that evoke environmental awareness. A faded and weathered manmade artifact represents mankind’s aspiration to introduce permanence where none exists. By adding my artwork atop such an image, I am trying to share my belief in both the infinite and the finite.

My collages make use of many natural materials such as leaves, tree bark, flower petals, onion and garlic skin, wasp nests as well as text and maps from vintage atlases, vintage sheet music combined with Japanese and other papers, and found materials. Substrates vary from found painted wood, rusted metal sheets, or painted plywood, and most recently images I have taken in Japan and laser printed on washi.

With these collages I juxtapose manmade materials and objects, often in a decaying state, with materials from Nature. It is an attempt to show us how the built environment decays, much as Nature decays, but that there is both a beauty and a lesson in observing this process.


2018 助成賞 Entropic 6人展(キュレーター)
   (Easthampton LCC/ MAP Space Gallery/ マサチューセッツ州イーストハンプトン)
2014 Rosen賞 Inheritance 
   (Mohawk Hudson Regional/ ニューヨーク州アルバニー)
2011 最優秀賞 Wind in the Trees 彫刻展 
   (Jenkins Arboretum/ ペンシルバニア州デヴォン) 2009 助成賞入選 New Collage Work 
   (Northampton Arts Council/ マサチューセッツ州ノーサンプトン)
2006 優秀賞 家具作品 2006 Craft Boston 
   (The Society of Arts and Crafts/ マサチューセッツ州ボストン)
2004 VSC助成賞入選 彫刻レジデント 
   (Vermont Studio Center/ バーモント州ジョンソン)
   Niche賞 ミックスメディア部門最終選考 Thread Spool Cabinet 
   (Niche MagazineVermont )